#116 "Any Thoughts" My Blackout Poems

Inspired by Austin Kleon and his blackout poems. I started reading Kleon in 2012 beginning with his book, Steal Like An Artist.

I was supposed to have donated this book, Innovation, to the public library. But because of the coronavirus situation, the library is closed until the circuit breaker is over. So I went to town with it painting it black (literally).

This is what I came up with today:

any thoughts
I am a person
very smart
I’ve seen excitement
learnt and practised

There are many ways to interpret #3 I am a person and I did think to include my thoughts here, but I shall refrain from doing so. You can see it from either the perspective of a narcissist or a positive self-assured person or even a combination of whatever. Why stop?

And two days ago, these: 

the World
is capable of
a really interesting space
to see a mind-
blowing change.

you call a bank
and then hang up the phone.
hang up the phone
too soon.

For this one (#2 Call A Bank), I actually made a little music with my ukulele. It's lame but it was a moment of inspiration at that time.