#114 Sambal the Red Typewriter

I am officially the happiest person on the planet! My typewriter arrived yesterday evening from the US. And a red typewriter to boot! It types like a dream and I'm super delighted with it. I named it Sambal. I've got a million things I want to do with Sambal.

(Now, what the heck is sambal, you might ask? See the bottom of this post ya...)

First word: HAPPY!!

This 6-kilogram baby is a Royal Classic portable manual typewriter with sturdy retro metal housing for durability and a full size keyboard (44 keys, 88 symbols, and Pica 87 font). It came pre-installed with black/red ribbon and paper support bar.

I've been wanting to get a classic, manual typewriter for the longest time and even spotted one about a year ago in my previous neighborhood, Katong. That one's cyan-turquoise in color and it's a color I really love too. Unfortunately, I didn't have any success with procuring that sacred object because the Uncle didn't want to sell it. He said he would think about it, but after a year of waiting for his decision, I decided I still wanted a typewriter, took the plunge and bought one.


Here's a beautiful side story in relation to Sambal the Red Typewriter:

On Tuesday, 14 April, my awesome colleague and friend, Ilim, sent me a link to watch a video about Dieter Rams titled Rams on Vimeo. Gary Huswit, the producer and director, decided to make it free for the world to watch until 14 April because of COVID-19. It was so, so good, this documentary. And here's where things started to get really interesting for me.

A day before I was sent the video link, I bought a typewriter. A red classic typewriter. I haven't told a soul about it. When I played the video, the opening moment was the sound of a typewriter (I perked up!); then a red typewriter came into view AND Dieter Rams was typing on it. On a RED TYPEWRITER! I literally went bonkers. I was, like, this is a VERY GOOD SIGN! It was magical.


What is sambal? Sambal (in the Malay language) is a sauce made from chilies, spices, herbs, and aromatics. It has a complex flavor. Obviously it is spicy and hot too, and is generally red in color.

This, my friends, is why my awesome typewriter is named Sambal. It lights the fire in my heart and each time it goes click-clack it's like putting all the complex ingredients together to make a delicious, spicy and thoroughly exciting 'dish.'


Alice said…
Hello Marg, me too!!