#107 Goodbye, Coffee...

I have not drank a single drop of coffee for three weeks now. I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption. I still have a good supply of Swedish coffee in my home pantry and looking at them makes my heart ache.

When it's time to fika, I feel a void because usually I make coffee but now I don't anymore. Making herbal tea (yes, I drink herbal tea now) is not the same as coffee. I miss the coffee routine, the aroma.

Surprisingly I don't get headaches. Or anxiety. Fatigue, yes. A bit of sadness having to part with the beverage of my life. But overall, I think I actually feel better and in time, I'm sure my body will appreciate what I'm doing for it by removing coffee from my life.

And oh, I also quit alcohol. No more beer, gin, wine, or booze of any kind. I also have lots of these good stuff squirreled away in my (booze) pantry, but I'll either 'donate' them to my brothers in Singapore or keep them to entertain visitors (but fat chance this is going to happen because I'm a hermit).

Maybe someday in the distant future I will reignite my relationship with coffee and beer (and booze of all kinds). But for now, I will learn to love herbal tea.

Goodbye, Coffee... (Part 2)