#97 My Weekly Reading List (w.7)


This list contains the notable stuff I've been reading this week: 

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything by Ryan Holiday.
"In every situation, life is asking us a question, and our actions are the answer. Our job is simply to answer well."

On reading more than one book at a time by Austin Kleon. Quoting Richard Powers from Kleon's blog post:
"I like to keep one work of fiction and one of nonfiction going at once, and I’ll use them to triangulate against each other to conjure up some third space."

An Astronaut’s Guide to Mental Models by Farnam Street.
“The best way to contribute to a brand-new environment is not by trying to prove what a wonderful addition you are. It’s by trying to have a neutral impact, to observe and learn from those who are already there, and to pitch in with grunt work wherever possible.” (ecosystem)

“When you’re the least experienced person in the room, it’s not the time to show off. You don’t yet know what you don’t know – and regardless of your abilities, your experience and your level of authority, there will definitely be something you don’t know.” (circle of competence)

Cut Through Addictions & Distractions: Feel the Discomfort & Uncertainty by Leo Babauta (Zen Habits).
"We have created a cocoon around ourselves. But the cocoon is a prison. It traps us into comfort so that we can’t do anything uncomfortable. It traps us in our addiction. It keeps us locked into our fears."

Some Thoughts on Coronaviruses and Seatbelts by Tim Ferriss.
"I am constantly looking for such “seatbelts” in many areas of my life. Dead-simple ways to cap some or all of the downside risk."

Have a good weekend!