#100 My Weekly Reading List (w.9)


This list contains the notable stuff I've been reading this week: 

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Quality’ Time by Ryan Holiday.
Special days? Nah. Every day is special. Every minute can be “quality time.”

“So far”/“Not yet” by Seth Godin.
One approach is to embrace the easy path of “did my best” = “failure” therefore, I should give up or simply accept mediocrity.
The other, the growth mindset, is to realize that while you did your best, it’s not your best forever, it’s just what you’ve done so far. And that while you haven’t created what you set out to create, the key word, the one you have to remind yourself of daily, is yet.

Learn Something New by Flow Magazine.
Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard in the US, also underlines the importance of being open to new things. In his book Stumbling on Happiness, Gilbert writes about how it is not the certainties or familiar things that make us happy, but rather the surprises, new experiences, challenges, discoveries and unexpected learning moments. He believes that curiosity can ensure that these things come your way.