#92 Helsingör, Denmark

The previous post showcased my (lame) sketch of yummy red sausages but in this one I'd like to share some of my favorite pics during a super short 30-minute visit to Helsingör in Denmark. Mr Bear and I literally hopped off the ferry and ran around the town while I gave my best shots poking my iPhone here and there hoping for the best.

You can spell this place in all sorts of ways: Helsingör in Swedish, Helsingør in Danish, and Elsinore in English. It's only a ferry ride away from Helsingborg in Sweden and all it takes is 20 minutes of awesome ride while enjoying a few Tuborg beers and shrimp sandwich, and of course, don't forget the yummy red sausages. Please order the tvä röda och en grön ("two reds and a green"). It's a classic, okay?

I love the trees! 😍 

I love the trees! 😍

Folks out shopping and taking a walk

The Trading Square Axeltorv

The Kronborg Castle from afar (also known as Hamlet's Castle). It's looking rather yellowish warm due to the sun shining on it and enveloped by the  dark, gloomy clouds all at the same time.

Just in case you're interested... (I won't provide the link here but you can definitely Google it as it's got some very sexy pictures not suitable for kids' viewing.)

Helsingør Domkirke Skt. Olai Kirke (The Elsingore Cathedral)

At the Helsingør station. This the principal railway station serving the city of Helsingør (English: Elsinore), Denmark, and also provides easy access to the ferries to Helsingborg, Sweden. 

The glorious golden sky at the Helsingør station.

Hello, Rudolph! And bye!
P/S: If you're wondering what on earth is tvä röda och en grön ("two reds and a green"), we are referring to the sausages (which is red) and Tuborg beer (which is green); hence, the TROEG. There.