#87 Swedish Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter

Another round today at the Akademibokhandeln yielded spectacular results. This time I went to the store at Asecs, also in Jönköping. I brought home with me all four of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter (illustrated editions) in the Swedish language. There are so many wonderful things to be said about these books that I will point you to this post at Book Riot (because I'm lazy...). 😜

Here are the four books in the correct order (each for SEK279; original price is SEK329):
  1. Harry Potter och De vises sten (The Sorcerer's Stone)
  2. Harry Potter och Hemligheternas kammare (Chamber of Secrets)
  3. Harry Potter och Fången från Azkaban (Prisoner of Azkaban)
  4. Harry Potter och Den flammande bägaren (Goblet of Fire)

They are so, so beautiful and luxuriously illustrated by Jim Kay. While he took about a year to illustrate each of the first three books (2015 to 2017), it took him two years to complete Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (released 2019). It's totally worth the wait! The Swedish editions will complement my English ones. 😍

I also decided to buy more of these little guys (nine more to be exact) because they're so awesome to write on. Each notebook has a nice textured cardboard cover with geometric patterns, and perforated lined pages. I think they're perfect for my jottings of ideas, notes... I super like the clean design.