#81 Fika and Books

It's Saturday! And that means... fika with the usual breakfast gang at Mackmakeriet! Followed by a visit to my favorite place in the world: Akademibokhandeln (I lovingly call "Akademi").

I have a habit of collecting books I've already read in another language, so I'm always on a lookout for my favorite authors or books whenever I'm abroad. This time, I found a few great books at the Akademi and brought home with me Cal Newport, Michelle Obama, Julia Cameron, and Marie Kondo in the Swedish language! I also managed to procure Lisa Larson's 2020 wall calendar to add to my collection of her work. I have her 2019 calendar.

A test sketch of Nissa the Christmas gnome using the new sketchbook bought today at Akademi.

Look what I found! Cal Newport and Michelle Obama in Swedish, plus an A5 sketchbook. I wanted to do some experimentation with my sketching and didn't want to use the Moleskine I brought with me to Sweden, so I bought a new sketchbook...

Some of the other books I bought (not in the pic above) are:
  1. Konsten att städa, Marie Kondo (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up)
  2. Profeten, Khalil Gibran (The Prophet)
  3. Lev kreativt, Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way)
  4. Ikigai, Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles (Ikigai)
  5. Kreativ akvarellmålning, Ana Victoria Calderón (Creative Watercolor)
  6. Börja måla akvarell, Maury Aaseng (Beginning Watercolor)
  7. Modern akvarell, Kristin Van Leuven (Modern Watercolor)
Happy reading and Happy New Year!