#80 2020

2020 will be an exciting year. I got a promotion. I'll be starting a new role with a coveted client account (Google). 😃

I love routine and I also love change. This is why I love my job: same employer but every few years I get to do different things with different clients. Program management, platform analyst. With clients Intel, Microsoft, P&G, HP, Royal Philips. All involving steep learning curve (especially the one on becoming a platform subject matter expert), but all very, very fun. It pushed my limit and I ended up utterly satisfied with the outcome. This is why topics such as ultralearning by Scott Young, and the weird and not-so-weird experiments that Tim Ferriss did (just to quote a few examples) resonated so much with me. When I read their work, I know I'm on the right track when I did all those stuff I did back in those good old years and still continue to do to this day.

While I may be changing roles with my work every so often, what will not change is my desire for learning, my curiosity to explore subjects that interest me, embarking on more personal projects, procuring more books to add to my ever expanding collection, building my anti-library. The list goes on.

I plan to retire as a barista or a bookshop assistant or a library volunteer. I do not yet know where I will settle down (I suspect it'll be in Sweden as that's where Mr Bear is from), but one thing for sure, I will have a cat (or two), lots of books, and an abundant supply of beer.