#79 Alice's Twelve Commandments of Happiness

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin's Twelve Commandments of Happiness about 10 years ago, I had done the same for myself at that time. I've decided to reproduce my personal happiness commandments in this post:
  1. Be Alice
  2. Enjoy the process
  3. Forget the past
  4. Baby steps
  5. Recognize my patterns
  6. Don't rehearse unhappiness
  7. Enjoy simplicity
  8. Do something different
  9. Cut my losses
  10. Rejoice in beauty
  11. Always with love
  12. Only a bore is bored
I wish everyone a wonderful New Year!


ilim said…
where is the beer???
Alice said…
@ilim, the beer goes without saying... Beer in Jan when we reconvene? :)
ilim said…
I'll think about it. You have bad taste in beer.
Alice said…
I'll be gentle with you.