#75 Alice relocates to a HDB flat

I'm very excited because I've taken a bold step and will be moving into a HDB flat very soon! My nomadic life in Singapore will not be complete without experiencing this aspect.

I've tried living in the East (which I totally loved!) and then moved to the city directly opposite Lau Pa Sat (which was a 5-minute walk from my previous client office), and then moved back to the East (because I love that area). These were (the last two) and is (the current one) all condominiums. It's about to get even better, I believe, when I move into my HDB flat around the Bugis area.

I'll be surrounded by all the things I love: books (National Library!), films (The Projector!), beer (so many awesome watering holes!), art supplies (Art Friend!), and coffee (I just discovered a really cool place, Tolido's Espresso Nook!). When Mr. Bear is back, I'll be dragging him all over town. We need our exercise.