#73 Book: From English to Swedish (Book 1)

Today I finished the last chapter of the book From English to Swedish (Book 1) by husband-and-wife team Bengt and Carol Hällgren. I was supposed to have finished it three weeks ago, but then Mr. Bear came home and I shifted all my focus onto him (the Swede in flesh) instead *GRIN*.

The best thing about this book is its pairing with YouTube videos by the author. I've been following each chapter with its corresponding video, and it makes a huge difference in improving listening and speaking skills. I have completed a few Swedish materials and my focus back then was on reading and grammar. Perhaps this is the reason I find Bengt Hällgren's book so useful because I get to listen to a native speaker. If you are completely new to Swedish, you will find it a struggle to comprehend the text.

I bought Book 2 (intermediate) along with Book 1 (basic), so I will be starting Book 2 tomorrow. ONWARD!

The front cover. I started studying the book in August this year.

The back cover.
Note: The ISBN of my copy is 9781540529954 and not the one indicated in the picture.

A snapshot of one of the pages of the book. There is no side-by-side English translation so a basic understanding of Swedish is required. I find the book very easy to follow and I like the format.

Bengt Hällgren is pleasant to listen to and it's like having a grandfather-figure speaking to me.

The YouTube videos are super useful. Being able to see and hear the words spoken out loud makes a lot of difference. Visit his channel here.

Here's an excerpt from the Introduction section of the book:
This beginner's Swedish book tells the story of an American girl who comes to live with a Swedish family as a high school exchange student. She struggles to learn Swedish and runs in to a number of culture clashes. Just about all episodes in the book are based on real life events taken from our own experience as exchange students and as a host family.

P/S: Ashley the American girl is definitely a very fast learner! She speaks Swedish in no time and Margareta, one of the characters in the book does a fine job in teaching Ashley Swedish.