#70 Travel Less

July was a month of traveling and so is August. During those times when I was hopping about in planes for honeymoon with Mr. Bear or business trip or my own fun trips (I'm still The Weekend Traveler, you know), I experienced high human traffic and everywhere I went or flew, one would think that flying doesn't cost a cent. Even the lounges were packed.

Which brings me to this point I'm about to make. I will travel less. One less human (me) crowding the space of a popular place or even one that's not so popular. One less human jostling for space in the overhead compartment because my fellow passengers brought, like, a few bags that require more space in the, well, overhead compartment. I only do carry-on for all my trips and I have a one-bag policy (travel light!), but I notice my fellow travelers don't share the same view. Even business class was full, so what is so special about that? Nothing. I also thought about the impact of air travel on global warming. So unless I have a very good reason to air-travel, I will not travel unnecessarily.

Which brings me to the next point I'm about to make. I will stop retaining my Gold tier or status with Qantas. I've said this before last year, but somehow managed to retain for the year and the same thing will happen this year, which means I will retain my status until the end of 2020. But what is the point of it? It costs A LOT to maintain and it doesn't serve any real purpose apart from sitting in the nice lounge (my fav is the Qantas Lounge in Changi Singapore) and maybe a little bit of status symbol but I really don't care much about it. Okay, that priority boarding thing does make some difference to the whole flying experience, but hey, it's not that big a deal. I'm actually a simple person with simple needs, so I still don't quite understand why I bothered with this whole tier business.

I just read today in The New York Times that an elderly widow in India discovered she'd lost her life savings of $230 to her family when she tried to return to reconcile with them, and here I am thinking about my airline tier thingamajig. How trivial. The money spent on that endeavor (the airline tier thingamajig) is truly obscene when one (I) put things into perspective. No more of this nonsense, I tell myself.

Travel is good for the soul, and I'm going to do it in a mindful and hopefully better way.