#64 Book: Quicksand

Quicksand by Malin Persson Giolito (Original Swedish Title: Störst av allt)

“No one asked if I wanted to save Sebastian, but you all blame me for failing…”

I had so many questions at the start of the story. I was crying at the end.

Why did Sebastian choose Maja? I asked myself. And then I came to the part in the book where Maja asked herself the same question. So you see, we both asked.

Why did Sebastian choose me? There has to be a reason! Why did he come to me at the hotel that night? Why did he track me down in Nice? Why did he stay? Why did he try to kill himself when I broke up with him?

When you're the chosen one and things turn out 'this' way, what do you do? When your world says you're the only one who can help him and he needs you, what do you do? Love is the greatest of all but what happens when that love is also the poison? When people don't understand and there is no explanation or a clear way to explain what had happened, what do you do? Who can you go to? When you're fighting this psychological battle alone, how do you get out of it?

So imagine yourself in this situation, alone, you've lost the one you love because you're the one who shot him in the classroom at school, for nine months you live in the jail awaiting trial for the deaths of your teacher and your schoolmates, you wonder if your life will ever be the same again, and you wonder—if—Sebastian had not walked into your life... If. If. If.

When you have no explanation to everything that had happened, how do you explain the truth?

Just for a moment imagine how your (normal, teenage) life can change when someone—someone like Sebastian—walked into it. In Maja's case, it changes from bliss to nightmare slowly but escalated quickly. But Maja is Maja and she feels responsible for the one she loves because there is no one else to do the job. She also betrays him in some ways but can you blame her? It's easy—as a third party—to say this and that about Maja, how she should have done this or how Sebastian should have done that, but nothing is ever that simple, right? Quicksand. How quickly you get sucked in. How quickly things can get complicated.

Love is not greatest or purest. It's never a perfect blend, just an impure liquid, the kind you should really sniff before you taste. But the risk is you still might not notice it's poisonous.

I cried for Maja. But most of all, I cried for Sebastian.


P/S - It's a psychological thriller and if you can bear listening and reading Maja's teenagey voice all over the book, then you'll get it. She's a very smart girl but even the smartest sometimes get entangled. And to those who have given a low rating to this book, they have missed the point.