#62 ATLAS Bar

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you don't care for service, like to be served by sullen-looking bartenders who mix drinks and serve them like there are sticks up their backsides, like to work hard to get any attention from these people either to order an additional drink or make payment, then THIS is the place you should totally visit and pay good money for. You will not be disappointed by the high-price, low-standard service of ATLAS Bar. Go knock yourselves out.

And now a few pics to show-off how awesome that place looks...

Yesterday's view of the bar from where I was seated.

The gin and tonic served by our 'friendly' bartender. I added the Burma Tonic Water myself but didn't include the bottle in this picture.

The view behind me.

P/S - The ATLAS experience is nothing like the Qantas Singapore Lounge experience. ATLAS looks pretty but has no substance. What a pity.