#58 Mini Project | Instant Film Album (Sweden 2019)

Mr. Bear and I rode the B-King all the way to Gislaved to visit Mr. Gislaved Lion and his other half. An awesome BBQ! I tell you, Mr. Lion of Gislaved is one of the best things that has happened to Gislaved.

NOTE: It suddenly struck me that I should refer to Mr. Gislaved as "Mr. Lion" instead, because 1) it fits him perfectly and 2) his last name is indeed "lion" in the almost-Swedish sense.

This is mini project #3 that I was talking about in my post #32 Mini Projects. Selected photos from our Swedish wedding party are also a part of this album, which has 60 mini instant photos. Sharing here are just a few of them. Enjoy!

The Lord of Huskvarna's super cute son sniffing lilacs and he's not the only cute thing in Huskvarna; these little pansies are gorgeous too! Hund parkering: Even dogs have their parking spots...

Motorbike tire maintenance. Mr. Bear dismantled the front tire of his other motorbike; at the tire shop replacing the old with new and I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of the cool guy working his magic...

Our waiting slip at the Skatteverket to register our marriage in Sweden. Our lucky day to spot a red vintage bus in Jönköping city! I really like the reflection of trees on the bus windows.