#57 En katts resedagbook

The Swedish edition of The Traveling Cat Chronicles

I completed my bookshop ritual in Sweden by bringing home to Singapore a heap of books after bookbinging at Akademibokhandeln. I saw En katts resedagbook on the shelf—the one and only copy staring at me—and I just cannot not take it with me.

In March, I posted about Lynne Truss's highly readable review in The Guardian (because I was too lazy to write my own but I didn't want to miss out on saying how awesome the book is and how sad it made me feel). That's a long sentence. Sorry.

I'm also bracing myself for the audiobook version of En katts resedagbook on Storytel coming soon 10 June. Can't wait! Imagine how exciting it'll be listening to Nana the cat narrate his and Satoru's story in Swedish!