#56 My Favorite Magazines

I returned to Singapore from my Sweden trip last Friday to find a mailbox bursting with new reading materials. Books! Magazines! Awesome!

I know in my post, Finding Flow, I mentioned about contemplating to subscribe but then decided that I prefer to browse at the store instead (because it's more fun!). However, I realized it took some time for my fav magazines to arrive at the store, so I finally made the decision (early last month) to subscribe. It is indeed a lot faster to get them in the mail.


BELLA GRACE (Issue 19)


Today is a public holiday in Singapore so it's the perfect time to indulge in reading after midway through a hectic work week. Time to dig in... 😁

P/S - This issue of the Flow Magazine is jÀttespÀnnande (super exciting) because the creators of this awesome mag are giving us readers a peek at their home libraries!