#53 Tulpaner | Tulips

Spring! It's a beautiful time of the year in Sweden. I've been wanting to take a walk (but I kept forgetting) in the nearby park along Kungsgatan to photograph... TULIPS! My favorite flowers.

Mr Bear gently reminded me about it today, and so we set out for a walk together. I got so excited when I saw those tulpaner (tulips) in the short distance as we approach the small park. My phone is now full of tulips and I'd like to share some of them with you.

Hej, I'm Dark Purple-White!

Hej, I'm Pink, and the little guy loves me (spot the bug)...

Hej, we're Yellow and Purple.

Hej, I'm White.

Tjena! We're a bed of Bright Orange and Yellow tulips at Esplanadrondellen.

The next time I visit the tulips again, I will bring a book along with me and park myself on one of the benches admiring them and reading at the same time. Speaking of reading, I'm currently devouring Ender in Exile after finishing Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. All three are by Orson Scott Card; really good stuff!