#51 Book: Min stora pysselbok om naturen

One of the pages full of stickers for use on related pages of the activity book.

Getting the stickers ready for action...

Little Children's Nature Activity Book (the original title in English) is a wonderful book. It's super fun, practical, and such a good way to learn about nature too. I think it's a brilliant material for use in learning Swedish.

The book is beautifully illustrated and it really creates the desire to complete the activities. Children can get creative by coloring, drawing, connecting the dots, and having fun with stickers—all while exploring the wonderful world of nature! In my case, it's also great for enhancing my Swedish vocabulary.

Min stora pysselbok om naturen

The completed page after I placed all the klistermärken (stickers) in their right places.

I can't get enough of it! I do a page or two of the activities daily, and sometimes more. The first day I started was Sunday, 12 May. When I'm done with this 64-page book, I'll be revisiting it again and again just to look at its enticingly colorful pages and for revising my Swedish.

P/S - There are a few more other books in the pysselbok series by the same author, Rebecca Gilpin:

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- 50 lekar och pyssel för resan
- 100 spel och lekar för semestern
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