#49 Fixa Rummet | Barnkanalen SVT.se

Source: Fixa Rummet | Barnkanalen SVT.se

Agnes and Mattias are my two favorite Swedes at this moment (apart from Mr. Bear, of course). They're the two hosts in a children's program called Fixa Rummet.

Fixa Rummet or "Fix the Room" (in English) is a TV program for children who wants a makeover of their rooms. Here they get the chance to be involved in 'reconstructing' their room and make their dream rooms come true. Lots of creative DIY action here and these two—Agnes Hammar and Mattias Malmgren—are possibly some of the happiest people on the planet. Together with the kids, they paint, wallpaper,  saw, drill, and sew their way to happiness. I know I'm happy watching it.

I've also been following Agnes's blog at Hey Regina. Her post, halvvägs fixat, on 28 April showcases the six episodes that have been aired so far. I can't wait for the next one!