#47 Italian Edition | Pippi Longstocking and The Famous Five

I'm happy to say I've managed to source for Italian e-books that I can buy and keep without having to worry about storage space! As much as I love buying physical books, especially the foreign language ones, I'm not able to do so feasibly because they are mostly available only in that country. In the case of books in the Italian language, I've lugged home suitcases of them in the past when returning from Italy. laFeltrinelli was my favorite bookstore there.

Revisiting laFeltrinelli online now, I searched for some of my favorites and guess what? I found Pippi Longstocking and The Famous Five!

I was super excited to find the Italian edition of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Långstrump, Pippi Calzelunghe. It was at the Stockholm Central Station four years ago that I found the quirky looking girl. At that time, I wasn't familiar with her yet and the book's in Swedish, but there's something about that girl that I really liked. I later discovered she's a kind, super strong, and quick-witted girl who has a pet monkey called Mr. Nilsson.

Pippi Calzelunghe

And then I also managed to find Enid Blyton's Famous Five and they're called la banda dei cinque in Italian. TFF is one of my childhood favorites so imagine to be reunited with Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina a.k.a George, and their dog Timmy in... ITALIAN!

La banda dei cinque (1) Sull'isola del tesoro
 Five on a Treasure Island

La banda dei cinque (2) La mappa segreta
Five Go Adventuring Again

La banda dei cinque (3) La grotta nascosta
Five Run Away Together 

I'm using the Kobo e-reader in my iPhone to read them (screenshot below). So far, my experience with the e-reader is good!