#46 Free Voluntary Reading

From page 51 of The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller:

In The Power of Reading, his meta-analysis of research investigating independent reading over the past forty years, Stephen Krashen reveals that no single literacy activity has a more positive effect on students' comprehension, vocabulary knowledge, spelling, writing ability, and overall academic achievement than free voluntary reading.

Krashen asserts that free, voluntary reading increase language acquisition and competence as communicators. I've almost forgotten about this although I'm an avid reader myself.

It is very true and it certainly is in my case. From my early childhood (until present), I could not get enough of reading book and magazines in English and Malay. When I was learning Italian, I was reading everything I could in Italian. Now that I'm being gently reminded by it again, I'm definitely going to apply it more intensively to my Swedish language learning.

"Dream" in Swedish

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