#43 How I Love You, O' B-King!

Photo by me, taken in Malmbäck, Sweden while motorbiking with hubby and the boys (2018).

It was love at first sight. The first time I laid my eyes on that mean machine, my heart skipped a beat. The Suzuki B-King is a sight to behold. The ground vibrates when it comes alive and the sound it makes is possibly the sexiest deep rumble I've ever heard...

The first time I spent time aboard the B-King was my first time (two years ago) riding pillion with my husband on such a big, fast badass motorbike. I remember being all suited up in protective gear and felt a little nervous in the beginning, but then utterly badass myself after en stund (a while).

I really admire my hubby for his skill in riding this beast. The photo above was taken last year when we stopped for a short rest after riding for about 45 minutes (or was it an hour)? It was a beautiful, late autumn afternoon and even the sheep were happily grazing below.

The sheep of Malmbäck. The boys were cute but the sheep cuter...