#39 When the Box Is the Limit | Walter Vandervelde

It's nice to see what you said being quoted. I first 'met' Walter on ProjectManagement.com when attending one of the many webinars on-demand available on the portal. The Walter session is a premium content that requires a PMI membership.

I loved how he adapted creativity to the world of PM. Very often, project managers work with constraints and constraints are not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, constraints can be liberating and he shows us the techniques he's developed and he gave them to us freely. My favorite is the Tree of Trade. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, please take a peek at his website at WhenTheBoxIsTheLimit.com and check out all the techniques he is offering.


Innovators have long recognized that constraints very often stimulate or guide the process of creativity and innovation. When ‘the box is the limit’, creativity often comes to the surface organically as the most ultimate and natural solution. That’s why restraints should never be a reason not to innovate. Often the contrary is true: they accelerate creativity, the driving force behind innovation. 

In this webinar, Walter Vandervelde will prove the above through multiple inspiring examples from different industries. Moreover, he will hand us five unique techniques on how to use natural or self-imposed constraints to the benefit of creativity and innovation. The webinar is aimed at every professional who’s convinced that creativity plays a crucial role in the daily work environment, but is also aware of the boundaries that take away the illusion of ‘the sky is the limit’. At the end of the webinar, you will get an access code for downloading the tools that come with the five techniques and which can be used to facilitate your own creative (team) sessions.

So, when I saw this quote on LinkedIn where I was mentioned, I was elated. And pleasantly surprised as I wasn't expecting it. There is something about what you've said being quoted by another person. Another person such as Walter Vandervelde.

The book is beautiful and I bought it following my preview of the contents. It's beautifully illustrated and interesting. Here's a generous man who not only is creative but has developed techniques, authored a book and published it (by BIS Publishers), freely shares the techniques, a designer, trainer, facilitator and speaker, and professor. Sounds like a polymath to me. I can't wait to read it!

Source: http://www.whentheboxisthelimit.com/thebook

UPDATED @25 April: I received the book today. The order was placed on 19 April. More great stuff to chew on this weekend!