#38 Mini Project | Instant Film Album (Italy 2013 to 2014)

Laying out all the selected photos I took in Italy before inserting into the photo album

This is mini project #4 which I talked about last week in my post #32 Mini Projects.

I took hundreds of photos in Rome, Milan, Naples, Matera, Pisa, Chianti, Florence, and so on, but I selected only 60 for the instant film album project. I have a bigger one in the pipeline of my mini projects and that is the PB version. No, not peanut butter but Photo Book...

It's really fun having something so tangible in my hands versus all these gems hidden in my hard drive and backed up in the cloud. It did take me hours to select and then print them, but the end result is deeply satisfying. Not to mention seeing the film slowly ejecting from the printer and then magically transformed with colors and form.