#36 Interview with Jim Collins | The Tim Ferriss Show

Photo by George Lange. Source: The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss never fails to amaze me and although I couldn't wait to listen to his latest interview with Amanda Palmer (Neil Gaiman's awesome wife), I had to prioritize. For that I chose Jim Collins first. He's so full of craziness and ideas that I almost wanted to worship him, just like how I super love Neil Gaiman and Tim Ferriss himself.

This episode is very interesting and unique because... Jim Collins 'grilled' Tim on questions (at the start of the show) and not just any questions. He asked Tim—amongst the very many—how does he go about acquiring a new language? [09:29], and does language constrain or enhance the concepts we develop? [11:54].

See what I mean? Language. A new language. A subject that is dear to my heart and one that I'm passionate about.

Please listen to this episode. Get a feel of how intriguing, fascinating, stimulating, riveting, compelling, engaging, entertaining, exciting, thought-provoking this episode is with Jim Collins the polymath by checking out the "Show Notes".

Finally, before I go, I must quote what Jim Collins had said at 2:04:58.
Success in the end for me is that my spouse likes and respects me evermore as the years go by.
He spoke so fondly of his wife Joanne Ernst and the cute story of how they met (both were students at Stanford) and then got engaged four days after their first date, and married later that year (spring of 1980). He said it's the best decision of his life. It's a little bit like my own story except that I never went to Stanford and it took me a little longer to be engaged (although my husband did want to, like, do it almost immediately and I was, like, slow down, big boy...). 😁 I'm crazy (and proud of it), but not quite at 'that level'. Yet.

Anyway, I hope with all my heart, my success in life will echo what Jim Collins had said at 2:04:58. Onward to Amanda!