#35 Beautiful Memories from SPCA

"Orange Eyes" - Photo taken by me in 2008 at SPCA Selangor, Malaysia

I recently became a member of SPCA Singapore! I don't know why it took me so long to become one but that's not an issue anymore. 😊

The photos in this post were taken way back in 2008 when I visited SPCA Selangor, Malaysia with a few good friends. That's 11 years ago. How time flies! Becoming a member of SPCA in Singapore has triggered a very fond memory, so I dug into my photos backup and found these beautiful cats and dogs. I also adopted a beautiful girl from SPCA Penang, Malaysia, but she's now with her (not-so-)new mom and is very well taken care of. I love animals, but cats, they evoke a whole different feeling for me.

Are you here for me?

I'm a resident cat and I sit wherever I fancy.

Hello... I'm napping with my mommy.

What I gleaned from these photos are these cats and dogs have personalities and they feel. Some looked forlorn, some hopeful. Some seemed to be the happy-go-lucky type. I really think animals have feelings.

I will definitely adopt again when it is possible in the near future and make new memories. For now, I will contribute in other meaningful ways.