#33 Interview with Neil Gaiman | The Tim Ferriss Show

Source: The Tim Ferriss Show

I am absolutely in love with Neil Gaiman and have been for years. When Tim Ferriss did this interview with Neil (I'll call him Neil just because I can...), I was over the moon, speechless, and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I don't know why I had to 'die' each time I'm beyond happy, but I guess I'm ready to die when the time comes. We all die in the end, you know.

What's really special to me about this episode is that I get to ogle watch Neil. His voice. It's delicious. The whole interview was slow, deliberate, and full of awesomeness. What's also beautiful is how Tim matched Neil's speed and cadence.

You should really listen to Neil read The Graveyard Book. It's beautiful. Nearing the end of the interview, I teared up listening to him talk about Terry Pratchett. Listen to the whole thing here.

Special note: I listened to this episode a few weeks ago, and I thought, everybody should listen to this. Everybody who loves Neil Gaiman anyway.