#28 It's Not Enough to Be Right. You Also Have to Be Kind

Source: This quote, illustrated by Valesca van Waveren, can be found in Issue 22.

From today's AM reading:

Reason is easy. Being clever is easy. Humiliating someone in the wrong is easy too. But putting yourself in their shoes, kindly nudging them to where they need to be, understanding that they have emotional and irrational beliefs just like you have emotional and irrational beliefs—that’s all much harder. So is not writing off other people. So is spending time working on the plank in your own eye than the splinter in theirs. We know we wouldn’t respond to someone talking to us that way, but we seem to think it’s okay to do it to other people.

Reading this article by Ryan Holiday on Medium.com reminds me to be mindful when I'm on the verge of sounding like a smart-ass. I'm known to be kind, patient and supportive, but it takes me great effort to stay that way. Sometimes people really drive us up the wall but here's where kindness and calmness are important, because we drive people up the wall too (whether or not we care to admit).

P/S: Yep, I'm a big fan of Ryan Holiday too...