#27 Anti-Library

From today's morning reading:

Someone walks into your house and sees your many books on your many bookshelves. Have you really read all these? they ask. This person does not understand knowledge. A good library is comprised in large part by books you haven’t read, making it something you can turn to when you don’t know something. He calls it: the Anti-Library.

When I read The 5-Step Research Method I Used For Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, and Tucker Max, an article by Ryan Holiday, it makes my heart sing. It's exactly why I own so many books. I haven't read most of them and I have created quite a library for myself based on the curation of my interests. I have many interests. Some are ideas at the present moment to be explored in the near future and some are projects in progress which I'm currently experimenting or researching on.

Having said that, I have also read many of the books I owned (or borrowed). I can assure you there will be many more in the days to come... Please read the article above for its full benefit.