#25 Saturday Bookish Ramblings

I auto-piloted to Popular Bookstore at Bras Basah after dropping by the National Library to perform my book donation ritual. Towards the end of my lepak session at the bookshop, I stumbled upon this lovely little gem, BOOK LOVE, by Debbie Tung. I finished it in one standing. LOVED. IT. TO. BITS. There are some minor typos here and there but I don't mind one bit. Any book-lovers out there (including Yours Truly, of course) WILL be able to relate to Book Love. The whole thing resonated so much with me that I was, like, *speechless*.

Before you call me 'cheap' for reading for free at the bookshop, I must say I couldn't help it. Who would be able to resist such a title? That pile of books on the cute cover? The protagonist and I even shared the same hairstyle and fashion! Now, before you continue to accuse me of being cheap, I went home and bought my very own copy of Book Love. Okay, why didn't you buy the book at Popular, you might ask? It's a lot cheaper at Amazon (using Prime Now) BookDepository.com, that's why.

Jag är lycklig! I am happy!
Den här boken gör mig glad! This book makes me happy!