#24 TEDxVienna: Want creativity? Then WALK on the wild side | Eugene Quinn

As a walker (I love walking!), I want to share this and let you know that walking is super cool and makes you a better thinker (who enjoys higher income, live in a better, more affluent neighborhood...). I'm a living testimony of this. What I love about this TEDx talk is its format. Vienna looks really good!

And... while we're on the topic of walking and creativity, check this out too: Need a fresh perspective? See the world like a horse does (or a cow or a cat or an ant …)

Raúl Soria
Of course, you don’t need a fancy device to see from another perspective. Try this with the animals in your life — crouch down in the living room and assess it from your dog’s or cat’s point-of-view. Or look at the non-human residents who live in your neighborhood — the birds, insects, rodents, lizards and squirrels — and ask, What is life like from their eyes? How might it feel to move like they do? Eat like they do? Follow their routines? How much do they accommodate we humans as they go about their daily business?

Have a fantastic Sunday!