#22 A Bookish Staycation

This is my first staycation in Singapore. I usually travel to neighboring countries even if it's just for a day or two over the weekend, but the decision to do this in Singapore itself was actually quite random. I was mulling over it on Wednesday.

On Thursday, I took action and browsed what's on offer for the weekend and hoped I could score a great bargain. I was feeling a little nostalgic and missed my old neighborhood where I used to live opposite the Lau Pa Sat, so I thought, why not book myself into a hotel over the weekend and have a little retreat? I found the bargain I was looking for. I packed a few essentials: a few books, a coloring book, a travel organizer filled with colored pencils and pens, a notebook.

A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness is perfect! I read it in one sitting. Did I mention before that FLOW is one of my favorite magazines? A Book That Takes Its Time is a FLOW book.

The book contains six chapters: The Time to Breathe (C1), The Time to Learn (C2), The Time to Create (C3), The Time to Reflect (C4), The Time to Let Go (C5), and The Time to be Kind (C6). The pictures that follow show some of the parts that I really love—although, really—I love everything about the book.

The Beautiful Moment notecards are really pretty! They are perforated and you can tear them out after you've written on them. You can place them in a jar and pull one out to relive your beautiful moment. Celebrate those everyday things!

Don't be afraid of emotions. This page says emotions actually provide us with useful messages about ourselves, letting us know who we are and what we value. I am fairly comfortable with my own emotions and I must say it has helped me many times in making hard decisions. I trust what I feel and what it's telling me to do. And of course, I listen to my mind too.

More pretty cards to be torn out and used. These are mini postcards and while I may not be sending any out (sorry, friends!), I may frame them up...

My travel organizer loaded with my fav pens and colored pencils that I'll be using for my current coloring project.

Almost done!

No books should be read without beer! These, I tah-bao from my fridge at home. I know there were only four cans, BUT don't forget, more are meant to be enjoyed outside the hotel room during lunch and dinner...