#18 Throwback Thursday: The Cat of Laroque d'Albères (October 2018)

Laroque d'Albères is a wonderful, wonderful place. The town is in the foothills of the Pyrénées mountains and so close to the Mediterranean Sea all at the same time. It was a super random decision to go to France. Per Bear and I were in Gothenburg, Sweden (I know, I know... of course you know where Gothenburg is!). We were visiting M who is his dear friend and former boss, and the next thing we knew we're on our way to southern France! No trip is complete without... stalking a cat. Voilà!

Hello, good morning! Stalking a resident chat (cat) early le matin.

The view from Castell de la Roca. Loving the colors of the houses here!

Per Bear and I had some 'climbing' to do but nice in the cool, crisp morning air.

Just in case you're wondering where in France were we... (Clue: Spot the kitty)