My flow collection

Six months ago I moved to a new area in Singapore, leaving the city behind. My new place is located in a quiet and calm neighborhood, away from the busy and noisy main roads—just the way I like it!

At about the same time, I discovered several new-to-me magazines at Allscript, located at a nearby shopping mall. I fell in love with these absolutely gorgeous, beautiful magazines: flow, Bella Grace, and Project Calm. In this post, I'd like to talk about flow.

flow is wonderful. It's originally a Dutch magazine and later branched out with its English edition published three times (or is it four?) a year. It's a magazine for paper lovers and it's all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection.

I am loving it so much I decided to collect as many back issues as I could at the Allscript store. I managed to procure all of last year's issues 22, 23, and 24. I am proud to add to my personal library all of these year's as well (issues 25, 26, and 27). I'm contented!

I did contemplate subscribing directly but I love the feeling of going to the store to browse and then bring the magazine home with me. The kind lady at the store has set up a standing instruction for me, so the moment a new issue arrives, she will phone me to let me know.

I also own several Special Editions such as 50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life, 19 Days of Mindfulness, and A Book That Takes Its Time (which I'm currently reading).

Source: https://www.flowmagazine.com/shop/specials

I want to share more in the days to come but in the meantime please visit their blog for some really nice goodies!