#15 Beautiful Objects

My beautiful Boho Watch and LOVE Notebook

I don't normally shop when I fly, but anyway, I decided to look at the Jetstar shopping catalogue during this flight returning to Singapore after being home with my family during Christmas. One particular item caught my eyes: the Edelfein Boho Watch. It's a colorful one, this. I've been thinking a lot about colors and the Bohemian carefree spirit, and I kid you not when I felt 'nudged' to look at the Jetstar catalogue to be presented with exactly the stuff I was thinking about. Not only did I find what I was thinking about, there's a S$5 discount too, which I found out about later! This beautiful watch is only S$35.

I also bought a LOVE Notebook but this was in Kuala Lumpur Christmas-time. I wanted to use it as my 2019 gratitude journal. I thought it was MYR34.90 but two days later when I checked the receipt (I'm a receipt collector...), I found out that there's a HUGE discount and the notebook was only MYR8 (S$2.70)! I hadn't realized it then because I also bought opaque watercolors, some art pens, and other materials. It was love at first sight—I'm loving its simplicity, and best of all, that beautiful shade of blue!

I'm so feeling the love from the Universe and so, so blessed...