Libby is a lifesaver and it's so, so good. Because of Libby the book app, I have successfully weaned my need to buy books and collect them. Well, I still buy books but I'm now very selective of what I buy and I curate my personal collection.

I'm a member of the National Library Board (NLB) for three years and counting (that's the first thing I did when I relocated to Singapore), and most recently, the Penang Digital Library. I link both library memberships to Libby and my life is never the same again. NLB is the best because I can borrow up to 16 books for 21 days with unlimited renewal option (if nobody else has placed a hold on it) and I can place a hold for up to 16 books! It's really awesome.

One of the ways I use Libby for is borrowing books that I own when I travel; for example, today where I didn't want to add extra weight to my carry-on bag, so I used Libby for CALM by Michael Acton Smith, which I'm currently reading. During my flight, I continued from where I left off in the physical book and I did the same for the other book that I read daily, THE DAILY STOIC by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman. Very convenient!
The above is a Libby screenshot from my current read: CALM, by Michael Acton Smith

My Libby which is linked to the NLB Singapore

I hardly borrow physical books from NLB anymore (Libby made this possible!), but I still go to the library quite often to donate books from my personal collection that I've read but I do not wish to keep. I used to want to keep everything but now I've decided to be more selective and focused.