I started my Headspace journey on September 13, 2018. I discovered this great app while reading Bella Grace and I must say—first of all—Bella Grace is a WONDERFUL magazine. I stumbled upon it by chance while meandering in a shopping mall in Singapore, auto-piloted into a mag store that sells all sorts of awesome foreign mags, and one thing just led to another. I found Bella Grace. And then I found Headspace.

In very simple terms, Headspace is an app for guided meditation and mindfulness. In a more elaborate term, it's so much more because in addition to it being nicely organized and rich in contents, it has these super cute graphics and the soothing voice of its co-founder, Andy Puddicombe. He is also a former Tibetan Buddhist monk. I was pleasantly surprised when I first checked out Headspace for its free "Basics Day 1 to 10" pack.


Today, I've decided to commit to Headspace and the Universe actually helped me too. How, you may ask. You see, I've been pondering on the matter for almost three weeks (I no longer act on impulse—most of the time, anyway) and suddenly I received an email from Headspace for a 30% discount off the annual subscription! That's a huge saving. I truly believe in that when you ask, you shall receive. Well, it may not be apparent that you're 'asking' at that point of time, but your desire is acknowledged...

Each time I get a notification from Headspace, I feel a lift because they're indeed uplifting! Those short quotes or prompts or gentle reminders are sprinkled throughout my day. You can build you foundation, zoom in into topics that are dear to your heart such as health, being brave, happiness, work and performance, sport, and then graduate to the pro level. There's even a section for students, if you are one. It's really, really good—so organized, pretty, and fun to do (AND look at).

One of these days I will share more of my journey in meditation. Stay with me.