365 Short Bedtime Stories for the Whole Year (the title in English) is a wonderful book. I've been building a steady relationship with Kalle Mus (the mouse protagonist) and his friends, Hoppsan (the rabbit), Mulle (the mole), and Plums (the frog) for almost a year now. The whole book centers around Kalle as the main character and his mini adventures.

It's fun reading what the little guys are up to. I began the godnattsagor journey last year in December when I brought it home with me from Sweden. Ten months later, I feel as though I'm one of the residents too. From the daily readings, one can't help but get to know the villagers and the newcomers to the by (village) a little better.

Today's reading

My favorite character is the Borgmastäre Uggla (Mayor Owl). He's forever trying to diet to lose weight but never succeeded because he just loves to eat! Credit must be given to him, though, for trying. The other adult characters are also charming, especially the romantic Herr Knapp the badger. He is one the first newcomers to the little village. He is a fine tailor. The reason I say he's romantic is because he likes Fröken Igelkott the hedgehog and is always looking for ways to please her. I'm happy to say she feels the same way about him!

The book is easy to read—now that my Swedish comprehension is much better—but there are so many words that are new to me. While my spoken Swedish is still rather horrible, I find my understanding of the language improving. Baby steps!

The book is beautifully illustrated and the characters come alive as each story unfolds. I will be re-reading this even after completing its whole year's worth of awesomeness.