Two days ago, I found this gem of a book in Akademibokhandeln at Storgatan, Jönköping. It's a special book, because not only is it a Swedish bedtime storybook, it also teaches parents and guardians the art of bedtime storytelling.

The book title, translated to English as The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep, is apparently a well-loved bestseller in several countries (sold over 2.6 million copies!) and translated into 47 languages.

When Kalle Kanin (Roger the Rabbit) can't fall asleep, Mamma Kanin takes him to see farbror Trollkarl (Uncle Yawn) who knows exactly what to do to make one falls asleep. This big kid (me) followed Kalle Kanin on his journey to farbror Trollkarl where they meet other characters such as Herr Snigel (Sleepy Snail) and Fru Uggla (Heavy-Eyed Owl) who chip in to help Kalle Kanin.

Just when you thought the book is awesome, wait until you listen to the audiobook. I subscribe to Storytel and was pleased to find KANINEN SOM SÅ GÄRNA VILLE SOMNA there too! The 30-minute audiobook is narrated by Lars "Lisa" Andersson and he's got such a soothing, crystal-clear voice. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audio while flipping the pages. The soft background music is perfect for the occasion!