Friday, February 02, 2018

Progress Update: Daily Swedish Reading of 365kgfhå

I have successfully survived a month of daily Swedish reading. I'm reading from 365 korta godnattsagor för hela året (365 Short Bedtime Stories for the Whole Year) which I now code-named 365kgfhå.

Although I'm using a notebook to jot down vocabulary notes, I decided to also create an electronic inventory of words. It's a simple Excel spreadsheet with the word or phrase and story date for easy cross-referencing. I often come across words I thought I've seen somewhere in the previous stories and was flipping my notes back and forth until I developed this system. This list has saved me much time! You can also check out my vocabulary notebook in this post.

This is how my book looks like. It's a fun daily read! I'm glad I've selected this book for this purpose and you'd be surprise how many new words one can learn from a children's book. I learned 277 between January 1 and 31. I feel so good...