Tuesday, February 06, 2018

How to Speak Any Language Fluently, by Alex Rawlings

NEW ARRIVAL! Alex Rawlings' How to Speak Any Language Fluently has landed in my mailbox all the way from the UK to Singapore. Thank you, BookDepository.com. Can you imagine my excitement? I'm placing this bright yellow book alongside my other books on languages.

I first found out about Alex from Olly Richards' podcast series, I Will Teach You A Language. Listen to the interview on Episode 216 at IWTYAL 216: Alex Rawlings on How To Speak Any Language Fluently.

For a start, this is taken from the "Introduction" and there's no stopping me from reading the whole book after this:
'A nyelv az egyetlen, amit rosszul is érdemes tudni.'
(Language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly.)
—Kató Lomb (1909-2003), Hungarian translator and polyglot

Languages are one of those unique things in life that are always worth learning. Whether you know a lot of just a little, whether you speak them every day or once a year, and whether you speak many or just one, you are better off for knowing what you do than if you didn't know it at all. Even just a few words in a foreign language are better than knowing nothing at all. p.1
About Alex Rawlings: He is a language specialist with professional experience teaching, coaching and designing courses for multiple different languages. He was named Britain's Most Multilingual Student after being tested for fluency in eleven different langauges aged twenty and since then has gone on to study many more, including Russian, Hebrew and Hungarian. Alex has taken part in nationwide campaigns to promote multilingualism, has contributed to blogs run by the British Council and the European Commission, and his skills have been featured by news and media outlets in countries across the world. He is an organiser of the annual Polyglot Conference.