Friday, January 12, 2018

Super Quick Post-Holiday Updates

After I returned from Sweden from the year-end holidays, I've done several things that have caused a little bit of problem back home in Singapore. One of them is my Internet connectivity. While still in Sweden, I've bravely canceled my home broadband subscription thinking that my new 'unlimited' mobile data plan will kick in nicely.

So that brings me to the second thing that has caused a little bit of a problem when I got home in Singapore: I ported from Starhub to Singtel, but what could go wrong with that, right? Turns out that something could always go wrong. My Starhub line was a prepaid, so Singtel couldn't port it over.

So now that I'm home in the sunny (and rainy) Singapore, I didn't have home Internet connection and I didn't have the unlimited data plan either. Four days later this problem was solved.

I had been so caught up with a three-day intensive workshop of something HUGE at work, I didn't have time to even think about Swedish, except for making sure I didn't lose my Duolingo daily streak. I have not lost my streak, thank God.

All my (new year) stars are finally aligned once again.