Sunday, January 14, 2018

Mapping Experiences, by Jim Kalbach

As a program manager, I'm obsessed with two things: thinking and processes. And then I found this book, Mapping Experiences, by Jim Kalbach.

This book is about possibilities and I'm super excited how it'll help me expand my thinking.

Although I'm not a designer or a product manager or a brand manager or a marketing specialist, this book is very appealing to me because it's about diagrams. Diagrams, as we know, are key tools that span fields of practice such as customer experience (CX) management, service design, or user experience (UX) design. This book, as explained by Kalbach, is about a process of mapping that is independent of specific fields. Perfect!

Reading across different disciplines has always been something I love doing, because it gives me the satisfaction of seeing things in a new perspective or adopting a new approach towards problem-solving. I'd love to dig right in into this book and see how I can apply it in my work and also my personal projects, especially in languages.Who knows, one day, I may even work with a team of designers or UX/CX managers!