Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"Swedish Made Easy" Course with Felix Lättman

My certificate
This, my friends, is an awesome course. If you are interested in learning Swedish, I highly recommend it. The Swedish Made Easy, 6-day course is very easy to follow and the instructor, Felix Lättman is a joy to listen to and watch.

In this engaging course, he scripted the lessons and selected one candidate, Shien Zutshi from Canada, to learn 1-on-1 with him for 30 hours (broken down into a 6-day course). I have completed Day 1 and Day 2, and this is what I have to say so far:
  • Very practical and Felix explains the "process" of some words (how they're formed, why they're like that, etc.).
  • Real-life application and when to use what in daily life (this word vs. that word, one says it this way and not that because it's not the way the natives do it, etc.).
  • Videos in live tutoring sessions broken down in bite-size (about 4 minutes or so), so the few hours of total learning for each day seemed less daunting and actually gave me a sense of achievement upon finishing each one. Edvin Blennie Lättman did a good job editing them.
  • It's effective—I believe—because after the lessons I have the courage and confidence to speak Swedish! I like understanding how things work and Felix gave me that. Right now I'm in Sweden and it's perfect for practice.

I liked Day 1 (free lesson!) so much that I invested in all the remaining five (Day 2 to Day 6). Shortly after I bought them, Felix announced he's made them all FREE forever so this is the best time for you to get your hands on the course if you have plans to study Swedish. For me for now, onward to Day 3!