Thursday, November 30, 2017

Video/Presentation: Career Progression for PAs and Executive Assistants

To view the video in full screen, click play, hover the mouse on the video and click on the bottom-right square icon.

I created this presentation in 2009 (more than eight years ago!) when I was invited as a guest speaker at an international conference in Singapore. It was organized by the Asia Business Forum (ABF), an all-expense paid trip and I got to attend the whole conference too. My topic was Career Progression for PAs and Executive Assistants.

I was looking for a specific document in my PC and at the same time did a bit of housekeeping when I found the file. I thought why not convert the PowerPoint into a short (2-minute) video and share it again with the world!

I believe although the presentation is more than eight years old, the contents are still very relevant today. Although it was targeted at administrative professionals, I believe its principles and approach are also applicable to any profession. Enjoy!

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