Friday, December 22, 2017

Duolingo Swedish: New Feature on "Achievements"

Duolingo is getting more and more fun by the day! My app for iOS has just been updated with this new feature and they're so good. I'm really fond of Duo the little green owl and this feature motivates me further by giving me a reason to keep doing what I'm doing with the app.

Here's how the interface looks like on my iPhone. There are nine achievements to be attained. If you click on "View" you'll see what each button means.

Yep, that's my Duolingo profile pic trying to imitate Duo's look...

I've been working feverishly on getting "Overachiever" (Earn 200 XP in a day) and I've attained it. My current goal is to achieve "Sharpshooter" (Do 20 lessons or practices without getting anything wrong) and I need two more rounds to get it (now at 18/20). My slightly-longer-term goal is to achieve "Shiny" (Have all skills golden at the same time) and I'm really, really close to getting that too (now at 50/66). 

"Shiny" is my short-term goal (target date of completion: by 31 December 2017)

I'm almost done with all the modules. Only seven more to go and I would have "graduated" from Duolingo for Swedish. After this, it will be on maintenance mode to keep each module or skill golden.

Are you also using Duolingo to study a foreign language? If yes, I would like to hear from you about your experience! Write to me at