Saturday, December 30, 2017

Book Review: Du är bäst, Pytte! by Ingrid Flygare

I've just finished reading Du är bäst, Pytte! by Ingrid Flygare. It's a fun children's book! I borrowed it from the Huskvarna bibliotek two days ago and read it twice.

Du är bäst, Pytte! (You're the best, Pytte!) is a story about not losing courage even if you do not succeed in the beginning. Everybody is talented in their own ways and Pytte soon finds out for himself!

Pytte is a 4-year-old Shetland pony. He lives at the Granbacken stable with three other horses named Sonja, Jumper, and Attila. They are very supportive of each other and have so much fun together. One day, it is time for Pytte to go to a riding school and earn his diploma. Pytte will be riding with a young girl named Ling.

Pytte is nervous and he is not too keen to leave his comfort zone at the stable. However, his friends reassured him that he will learn and have fun at the ridläger (riding camp). So off he goes with Ling! One must read the book to see how Pytte is faring at the camp.

The narration of the audio edition by Ida Dåverstam is wonderful! I was reading along while listening to it and enjoying the pictures illustrated by the author herself. They are charming and I fell instantly in love with Pytte and his friends.

Du är bäst, Pytte!
Number of Pages: 32
Readers: 3 to 6 years old

One of the pages of the book.
Some of my vocabulary notes. Children’s books can be tough!

I heard about the book from Sveriges Radio on the Barnradion channel. I downloaded the audio from Sveriges Radio (they're free!) for all the four books in the series and researched if I could find them from the library. I managed to borrow two books: this one and Spring fort, Pytte! The review for this book is coming soon!

Source: Sveriges Radio

The other three books in the series are:
1. Du är för liten, Pytte!
2. Spring fort, Pytte!
3. En ny kompis, Pytte!