Sunday, November 12, 2017

Duolingo Swedish: Progress Report (71% Completed; 55% Fluency)

Hej, hej! It's time once again to report on the progress of my Duolingo Swedish. I'm on a 63-day streak! My last report card was during my 37-day streak—that's almost a month ago! I must confess I lost my streak at 53-day (sometimes life events get in the way), but luckily for me, I can use the "Streak Repair" option by Duolingo to repair it at a cost. I was contemplating whether or not to do it but when the option was offered on my phone screen, I reasoned that it's all for a good cause and it helps fund the great job Duolingo is doing. Plus, Duo the little green owl is så sött!

As mentioned in all my previous posts, there are five main sections for the Swedish language with a total of 66 modules. See breakdown below:
  • Section 1: 9 modules (Completed)
  • Section 2: 8 modules (Completed)
  • Section 3: 12 modules (Completed)
  • Section 4: 18 modules (Completed)
  • Section 5: 19 modules (Incomplete) - This is it, I'm almost done!
Out of the 66 modules, I've completed 47 (71%). According to Duolingo, I'm now 55% fluent in Swedish (advanced).

SECTION 1: 9 Modules
SECTION 2: 8 Modules
SECTION 3: 12 Modules

SECTION 4: 18 Modules
SECTION 5: 19 Modules (2 new modules have been enabled; in progress)

The orange icons are the completed ones. The greyed-out icons are completely untouched, and the colorful ones are in progress. Each sub-module is enabled as I complete them and I cannot move on to the next if I have not completed the current one (which is why they're in grey). There's something deeply satisfying to see the orderly orange icons...

Notes about XP goal: There are a few options to pick from for the XP goal (from "Casual = 10 XP per day" to "Insane = 50 XP per day") and I chose "Serious = 30 XP per day."

Are you also using Duolingo to study a foreign language? If yes, I would like to hear from you about your experience! Write to me at